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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We've Been Featured!

Thank you Detailed Wears for featuring our
BB 008 Spacious Carryall.

Check out what they wrote! :) 

About the title
Sha-lene from YSK does reviews for her online purchases and I decided to give it a whirl too :)

Just received my long awaited Spacious Carryall from Bags Bodega! :)
I have to say I'm really satisfied with my purchase!

Don't let it's demure appearance fool you!
A fully loaded spacious carryall is exactly what it is.
Compartments for your miscellaneous and even a middle compartment,
giving you 3 separated sides.
Talk about being organized!

Love the faux leather material and it even has studs at the bottom to stand!
I'm so in love with it I'm actually contemplating getting one in another colour.LOL. ;)

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